Julien Breton

For the last 20 years, Julien Breton - aka - Kaalam has been dedicating his passion for arabic and islamic art to create stunning performances mixing visual arts, dance and music.

After more than 200 performances across the world with his own Dance Company ‘Turn off the light”, alone or with various artists for specific and exceptional events, he continues to innovate visual arts on stage with Arnaud Pauquet and a new Artistic team and outstanding stage elements in show creation.  

Represented and acclaimed in international venues and references as :

  • Abu Dhabi Awards UAE
  • Tawazun anniversary UAE
  • Dubai EXPO 2020 UAE
  • International conference for islamic art  - KSA 
  • Opening ceremony of Biban 2023 - KSA
  • 20th anniversary of Etihad - 2023 - Abu Dhabi
  • Closing ceremony of Al Sharqiya gets creative - 2023 - KSA
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