William Guignard

William Guignard is developing a real time light-painting software for the last 10 years.

His extended experience in Video media and technique for Mega-event has brought him with specific knowledge to support artists with complex set up needs and to bring solutions for artistico-technical enhancements . 

In collaboration with several artists, he continues to develop new technologies for shows, bringing his knowledge to a new level of events. 

  • Abu Dhabi Awards UAE
  • Tawazun anniversary UAE
  • Dubai  EXPO 2020 UAE
  • International conference for islamic art  - KSA 
  • Opening ceremony of Biban 2023 - KSA 
  • 20th anniversary of Etihad - 2023 - Abu Dhabi
  • Closing ceremony of Al Sharqiya gets creative - 2023 - KSA
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