Drones shows

Live Light Calligraphy supported by 3D flying drones choreography in an innovative mix of technology and light art that creates a stunning visual experience.

This performance involves KAALAM - Calligrapher creating an Arabic script in real-time with a impressive number of drones - light equipped - performing a choreographed aerial dance revealing majestically the calligraphy and art form in a mesmerizing display of lights.

The drones are programmed to move in precise formations around and above the artist(s), creating dynamic, captivating visual forms to enhance the beauty of the Arabic script.

It allows for dynamic and immersive experience, with the drones choreography adding an extra layer of visual excitement to the performance. This special display can be performed in a variety of settings, from cultural festivals to arts exhibitions and museums activations.

It is a testament to endless possibilities that technology can bring to the world of art, offering a fresh perspective on ancient and traditional art forms and creating a truly unique and unforgettable experience for the audience.

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